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In addition to this, another strategy that can be applied is that there are about fund management. For example, a player starts betting with the amount of $ 100. In order to save your bet, defines a loss limit of $ 100, which is the full background at the same time. This means that if a player loses, you can not return to the game session. You can also specify an earnings cap, and if you get to it, you can stop play
and in this way reduces the risk of losing these profits.

When we play the roulette several times, players will have their own system of play. Therefore, it is advisable at first to get used to these strategies and play just for fun, and then when you feel you've gained more experience, you can try and wager real money.

Two number split is a bet where you play on two tracks, but with one chip. The number must be adjacent, ie lie side by side, and bets are made by placing the chip on the line between numbers. The player puts the chip in the side of a "series". If you play this bet in a live casino, it's a good idea to let the croupier to put the chip, so the bet is not misunderstood the 1st to 12, which is right next door.

As with three number street, it is possible to put his bet to the left on the board. Decided chip at the junction between two rows as shown bettor Thus the six numbers to the right of the chip. The bet is always done by placing the chip on the left side a board.

If played on a Live Casino is a good idea to ask the croupier to place the chip so that there is no confusion between a bet on "Six Number line" and "1st 12". As the illustration shows, you could easily imagine such a dispute could arise. At the bottom of each row there is a field with the digits "2 to 1". The name of the game is also the name of the odds, 2 to 1, which translates to 3-1 or even odds 3.