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The game of roulette is one of the most popular games worldwide. If you are looking for a casino game that has simple rules and you want to go all out, you have chosen the right game. The only difference between roulette and other table games is the fact that the value is not defined specific tabs roulette. Players are provided with a series of tabs, which have different colors.

When you purchase chips, is assigned a color and a value to the cards, which will be calculated according to your purchase and the number of cards you have received. While players have the opportunity to make 11 different types of bets, the game of roulette has the worst predictions in casinos.

The percentage reaches limit the amount of 5.26% and for a specific bet this value is 7.29%, which is very high. The types of bets mentioned include six types (areas colored red, black and green), and five outside bets (white areas).

One of the main strategies you need to consider is that the single zero roulette are more profitable than those with double zero, where the value of the house is higher. Particular roulette strategies serve to give some advice on the methods to be used to increase the odds of winning, so you can set appropriate limits for winning and losing. One of the oldest betting systems and popular is the "Martingale" or replication system. However, many players make the mistake of applying the bet option. This type of betting is a risk, as it unfolds in such a way that the player starts with a bet and if you win, you should start with another. But in case you lose, always double your last bet. Also, when the player wins, all losing bets recover, and will benefit from an additional tab. Using the Martingale system we are at our own risk, because it may happen that we run out of money or reach the edge of the house and then we lose money and it will never recover the losses.