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Another difference between Texas Holdem and Draw Poker can be found at the land use (before the deal). While in draw poker, each player puts an ante ( ante ), pay only 2 players in Texas, called blinds. The left neighbor of the dealer (the casino recognizable by the dealer button, because the players do not enter the card itself) is the small blind , he pays half the minimum bet in the first round (see game variations ). The left of the small blind sits the big blind , he pays the minimum bet.

With blinds are generally so-called "living" inserts ( live bet ), i.e., the amount will be credited to the player in the first round. Now the cards are dealt, each player is dealt from a 52-card per sheet 2 cards face that only he knows. For a brief orientation You can watch here the 10 best starting hands in Texas Holdem watch. The first betting round starts at Texas Holdem with the left neighbor of the big blind , he now has the following options:

The small blind is required if not previously raised, only his small blind to the big blind fill, that he needs to pay only half, because usually the small blind is half the big blind. If was not increased in the round, the big blind called an option , he can either check , i.e. no further use in the pot or pay raise .

A betting round is considered complete when all players involved in the pot have paid the same amount in the pot. In the first round are blinds added to the players. It can also map its 2 "fold", but should first check , one probably can not even get a "free" (free) card. This round's turn ends when all players have paid the same amount in the pot or was checked in turn. All other operations of the two players come into the side pot and the main pot is closed. except for one player when all remaining players all-in (i.e. it can not be set), it comes to early showdown , i.e. the maps of the Players will be uncovered and then the community cards completed. He then the winner is determined.