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Casino software is often developed directly from the online casinos themselves, because the cost of this is just too great. To get an idea of ​​which companies have specialized in developing high quality software, you should take a look at the following list, which shows all the major global players in this industry.

Four and a half companies a total of four developers are inseparable from the world of online casinos. Which company deserves the fifth rank, however, is a matter of opinion. The company, based in the Isle of Man is one of the largest developers in the industry.

Currently, the software company expanding, especially online poker, however, the portfolio includes machines like as good as any other game of chance on the planet. Large progressive jackpots irritate it new and experienced players alike.

The Ireland-based company is known for its extremely reliable software. Crypto logic does not offer the same scope, such as Micro gaming or Plastic games in terms of range, but this fact is made up for by its high quality and targeted, highly secure financial transactions.

Ordinary software with a wealth of games here is garnished with its own poker network. This is enough to also let Boss Media is one of the main developers. The clients listen to famous names such as bin, Expect or, as in the Betting Boss Media plays a big role.

The biggest developer offers comprehensive packages for online casinos which includes 600 games and more at the same time. Multiplayer machines make it even more players at the same time fun, the gigantic jackpots from games like Mega Molar inspire all players equally.