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Roulette is played mostly on a double table in casinos, surrounded by croupiers. The roulette machine is usually located in the center of the double table, which is covered with a green cloth, on which are the numbers. The roulette machine is composed of 36 alternating red and black numbers, 37 and marked green number box is zero.

The ball falls into a number of compartments, the stakes at the table are collected and determined the winners and losers. The roulette game rules are very simple. The players are grouped around the roulette table and bet on a number or color. In this game, the minimum and maximum stakes vary, so you should familiarize yourself with the betting possibilities and inserts in advance. The goal of each round is to guess on which number the ball will land specialist and to set it. You can play as long as you want in a casino on a roulette table - of course, is a casino as well as the maximum minimum wagers before - but this varies from casino to casino.


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